Custom 3D Modeling








3D rendering of a barn interior showing as-built details which could be easily changed to suit your needs. A 2D plan of the building would show only the basement outline and the post locations. Using only 2D would not really convey what the inside could look like as a 3D image does. A 3D image of each wall of your interior space is immensely helpful to a builder who needs to know what the finished product looks like. Also selling the client on a design is great for architects and even real estate agents for new construction.


Exterior views really can make a difference. You can see what your house or addition will look like before you build, so you can make changes that you may not have seen in just the 2D plans. You can judge how your house will look against existing parts. Such as whether the windows match and how the ground will be sculpted.

Exterior 3D view of a small barn structure in the design phase.